What Is the Best Method for Removing Mold in Your Attic?

What Is the Best Method for Removing Mold in Your Attic?

Discovering mold in your house or commercial space can be frightening and aggravating. Being a type of fungus that can cause health complications to those with and without pre-existing breathing problems, it is normal to feel alarmed after discovering these micro substances in your premises. 

The attic is probably the less visited place in our houses and, like basements, are prone to mold infestation due to lack of proper ventilation and moisture accumulation over time. While most people do not care much about their attic, it is important to check for mold because these substances are highly dangerous thoroughly. This might contaminate the air you breathe in your home or business building, leading to a ton of complications.

How to Spot Attic Mold

In most cases, attic mold usually forms black spots, which is proven to be very toxic. Poor ventilation, leaking roofs and pipes are the common causes of black mold in attics. Therefore, it is not a good move to exterminate such mold or any other on your own because the toxicity might negatively affect your health.

If you spot black spots in your attic, contact a professional remediation contractor to assist with the cleanup. We have professionals trained for the specific job and a vast number of equipment that safely clear mold. Additionally, if leaking pipes or roofs caused the initial problem, we will fix it so no more mold can grow in your attic.

How Florida Mold Professionals  Remove Attic Mold

Once we get a call from you, we always respond immediately. Our team of professionals will arrive at your doorstep with the necessary equipment to help detect and clear the mold. First, we will conduct an air quality test, but we skip this step if the molds are visible. However, other rooms in your house must also be tested to determine if the mold has spread to other areas as well. 

Regardless of the type of mold in your attic, we will use the same methods to clear them. Eliminating the mold quickly and timely is vital, therefore proper equipment must be engaged in the process. This also helps to prevent the accidental transfer of mold to other rooms.

To remove the mold appropriately, our team will use two main methods. The first is to blast the mold off using media blasting equipment that uses Soda and dry ice blasting. Alternatively, we can grind or use a mold removal catalyst. The latter is only applicable where attic mold is not spread over a vast area. 

Improper Methods of Removing Mold

As mentioned, mold can cause serious health effects on people living in a certain home if not removed as soon as possible. Therefore, when contacting companies to help eliminate the problem, ask them the methods they use because some methods will only add rather than get rid of the problem. Some companies with ineffective expertise will attempt to paint over the mold. This is not a method of eliminating mold. In fact, they will spread even further and become more toxic. With time, the mold will grow over the paint or sealant and be visible again.

Other companies use fogging as a method of removing mold. Unlike plants, the fungus has spores that release toxins even when dead. When exposed to moisture, these spores reproduce, giving rise to more mold in your attic. A HEPA vacuum needs to be used and the products disposed of properly to remove spores from your attic. 

At Restoration Companies, however, we only use the most effective methods to ensure these deadly substances don’t cause more trouble in your home or business premises.

Attic Mold Removal Procedure

Attic Mold Removal Procedure

Attic mold is comprehensive and should be handled with the most care. Our procedure is quite simple but thorough, ensuring effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Inspection

It is crucial to inspect your attic to determine whether there is mold and how far it has spread. This lets our experts know what they are dealing with and what equipment they will require during the removal process. This is where we use moisture meters and air testing equipment.

  • Determining the source

If mold is detected in your attic, we take measures to identify the cause of mold growth. This is also important because it will prevent future mold growth, save you costs, and keep you safe. Attic mold usually grows because of poor ventilation and leaking roofs. 

  • Containing the area

This helps to keep mold from the rest of your house. We do this by sealing the attic using special machines.

  • Blasting

Once the area is safely contained, the next step is to media blast to remove the mold. Media blasting is the most effective way of removing attic mold as it gets even the tiniest molds and spores. 

  • Vacuuming

As mentioned, vacuuming helps remove the spores and other dirt around the area. 

  • Removing the insulation and ventilation installation

Here, we remove the covers we had installed to prevent the spread to other house parts. Additionally, we replace your old ventilation or repair it if need be.

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