Easy and Natural Ways for Removing Mold from Your Home

Easy and Natural Ways for Removing Mold from Your Home

You don’t need anyone to tell you how horrible your home looks with mold on the walls, roof, or tiles. Although there are different types of molds with different colors, most of the time, you will notice a discoloration if your home has mold. Keeping your home free from mold is essential, but you have to be careful. Rather than using toxic products, you can use natural remedies to safeguard your health and environment.

Easy and Natural Ways for Removing Mold from Your Home

Using Essential Oils

Aromatherapy has become a social norm thanks to essential oils. However, these non-toxic compounds are not only suitable for removing foul odor, but they are also perfect for mold removal. Although expensive, tea tree oil is a great way to treat mold naturally.  The essential oil is a proven insect repellent, antibacterial, and odor neutralizer. Tea tree oil is an excellent fungicide that rapidly removes mold and, unlike toxic products such as bleach, stops mold spores from returning.

To treat mold using tea tree oil, mix about 5ml of the essential oil, then add 200ml of water in a spray bottle. Powerfully shake to mix the liquids. Directly spray the mix on the affected area, then leave it on for an hour before wiping with a dry towel. Ensure to wear protective clothing like gloves for your hands.

Treating Mold with Baking Soda

Baking soda is a readily available ingredient that can perform numerous tasks in your home, from removing foul odors in the refrigerator to keeping your house mold-free. One significant perk of baking soda is that it kills the mold while absorbing the moisture under the surface where the mold is. Additionally, baking soda is non-toxic hence cannot harm your family or pets.

Shake a quarter-teaspoon of baking soda into a water spray bottle until it dissolves. Spray the affected area with the solution, then exfoliate the surface to eliminate the mold. Rinse the surface using clean water to clear any residues. Finally, re-spray the surface and allow it to dry without scrubbing or wiping to eliminate any residual mold and mitigate its growth. If you are dealing with stubborn mold, combine the baking soda with white vinegar and stir until a thick paste is formed. Smear the paste to the affected area, then leave to dry. Scrub off the mold, then wipe down with water.

White Vinegar Remedy

Other than making delicious salads, white vinegar is used to clean, deodorize, and disinfect. When dealing with porous surfaces, white vinegar can help eliminate 82% of mold species, even black mold. Since white vinegar is only 20% acidic, mixing it with water is ineffectual. Hence, when using it to treat mold, use a concentrated solution.

Hydrogen Peroxide 

Although most people don’t know, hydrogen peroxide is a common fungicidal, antiviral, and antibacterial quick fix that is also an efficient mold remedy. It is safe to use on a variety of surfaces, including kitchen equipment and countertops, bathroom fixtures, and tubs. When mixing, use only 3% of the solution as too much can cause discoloration and damage.

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