Emergency Mold Removal & Water Extraction in Florida

If you live in Florida chances are you know someone who has had a mold problem. Florida is very bad for mold, worse than other states, because of all the moisture, heat and humidity. If you have had water damage of excess water and your home is not quickly dried out, you will have a serious mold problem. If you do not run a dehumidifier or if your AC unit is not being maintained and run properly or if you have excess moisture or water damage you could develop mold in your home or your business. This is especially true for homes with older AC units as newer AC units these days often have a built in dehumidifier.

We often get asked by potential customers if mold is toxic. Some molds are not much more than a nuisance, while others can indeed be toxic and make you sick over time. Any mold remediation company who claims the mold present in your home is toxic without performing tests be wary of them. The Florida Mold Removal Pros always tests any mold we find and usually advise our customers to have an IAQ or indoor air quality test performed by a 3rd party to get the best idea of the mold problem a client is facing and how prevalent it is in the home. That is the only true way to say for certain if the mold present in your home is toxic mold or not.

The only way to know for certain how bad the mold problem in your home or business is, is to schedule a mold inspection from a mold re-mediator like the Florida Mold Removal Pros. We will start by doing a visual inspection and make use of high tech tools like moisture meters. In Florida, it’s important for any mold re-mediator to make use of a moisture meter to determine how much excess humidity is present inside the home. If we find that mold is present, we will have a sample sent to a lab and have the home owner do the IAQ test, once these are done we have then a clear picture of the extent and scope of the mold problem. After this has been established, then our technicians discuss the various options with the home owner.

Every home that we inspect for mold possesses its own unique challenges for mold removal. Air flow in the home, choice of building materials, the extent and scope of the mold problem and even which strain of mold is present can all affect how the job needs to be done. Our teams try and save building materials if possible by using environmentally friendly chemical agents to kill off the mold, but sometimes especially if a homes mold problem has been neglected for many years or months we may need to remove some of the mold damaged building material. Drywall always needs to be removed if mold is present in it for example, wood can be treated and saved depending on the extent of the mold damage and how long the mold was allowed to grow on the wood.

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When it comes down to the actual work it is best to quarantine the affected areas from the rest of the home with polyurethane sheeting to prevent the mold spores from spreading to other areas of the home. We use advanced mold removal equipment such as high powered HEPA vacuums and ozone treatments, air scrubbers and foggers. Our technicians attack the mold from every avenue we have at our disposal while ensuring that the mold does not simply migrate to another area of the home. Florida Mold Removal Pros always tries to keep the entire process as minimally disruptive to the home owners as possible.

Here are the areas that we currently service: Fort Pierce, Jupiter, Lakewood Park, Melbourne, Palm Bay, Palm City, Port St. Lucie, Sebastian, Stuart, West Palm Beach

We use only the safest agents to sanitize the affected areas, such as Benefect Botanical Disinfectant GL for example which is the only botanical disinfectant in North America that kills over 99.99% of Bacteria, Fungus and TB. Many contractors use chemical agents that can have potential health concerns, but our teams only use agents that have been reviewed for safety by the Environmental Protection Agency.

At the end of the day the customers satisfaction is what matters, to this end we ensure that we take care of every property as if it were our own and follow the strict guidelines set forth by the IICRC for mold removal. Florida Mold Removal Pros make sure to perform each and every job with as minimal a disruption as possible to the property. We also inform our customers of every step along the way and explain things in a way that is understandable to the homeowner.

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