The Importance of Cleaning up Water Damage After It Occurs

Water or flood damage in the home can be caused by many different occurrences, such as extreme weather, malfunctioning appliances, or even faulty plumbing equipment; but the one thing that stands true amongst all different causes is that it all must be cleaned up! Immediate response is imperative when dealing with water damage in your home because if it isn’t taken care of in a timely manner, the homeowner can then begin to suffer the negative consequences that come along with it. Structural damage, health concerns, and even mold are all instances that happen all the time to homeowners who neglect the water damage that occurred in their home.

Structural damage is the most common circumstance that water damage causes. When a homeowner doesn’t know about the water damage in their home, or chooses to neglect it, it leads to the weakening of the constructive materials of the home. Exposure to water for an extended period of time can cause wood to rot, and even sheetrock and flooring can become completely useless. Say that you had a plumbing mishap and water began leaking everywhere; that water can severely impair the structural integrity of the surrounding materials unless it is taken care of quickly and correctly. This can become a safety issue for the people living in your home, and that is why water damage is so time sensitive.

In addition to greatly weakening the structural integrity of building materials, water damage can lead to contamination and mold growth; which causes a wide array of even more problems that the homeowner will have to deal with. Damp, dark and humid areas of the home are conducive to mold growth. There are many different types of mold that can grow within the structure of a home, and will further weaken the materials on which it feeds off of. Mold is not only an unpleasant sight, but it can cause an unpleasant musty odor and health issues if it isn’t completely remediated by the professionals. It is crucial to call in mold removal specialists in the event of mold, as it will most likely just come back if it was not removed correctly.

Standing water and water damage both promote the growth and breeding of bacteria, mold, microorganisms, and viruses in the home that can impact your health. Inhaling any type of toxins present in the water can lead to serious health conditions such as lung disease, pneumonia, and tuberculosis. If the water damage isn’t cleaned up correctly, it can leave these dangerous bacteria behind and can completely invade your living space. There are three different categories of water damage, including clear water, grey water, and black water. Clear water can be easily cleaned up and is not swarming with viruses and bacteria. This is usually caused by a burst pipe in the home. Grey water is the second category and requires more extensive cleanup. This can be caused by storm water or water entering the home by means of a flood. The third category, black water, is completely unsanitary and should ALWAYS be taken care of by the professionals. This water is usually caused by a sewage backup, and includes many contaminants that can be very harmful to your health.

Overall, water damage is a time sensitive issue and can cause a wide array of issues if it is not cleaned up quickly, efficiently, and professionally. Drying out the property after sustaining water damage is the best way to prevent mold growth and weakening of your homes structure.

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